Board of Directors

Drew Theophilus
Board President
Director, Dividends Nebraska
President, Whiteboard, LLC

Dave Shrader
Board Treasurer
Employee Benefits Trust Officer,
Wealth Management, Security National Bank

Patricia Carter
Parent, Co-chairperson of the NECC
Policy Council
Sr. Director of Accounting, Auditing,
Douglas County Treasurer’s Office

Pete Festersen
Omaha City Council
VP of Government and Community Relations, CHI Health

Jean Douchey
Founder, My Game Day Collections

Rick Putnam
Secretary and Legal Counsel,
Managing Partner, Baird Holm

Pam Duzik
Partner, Audit Services,
Deloitte & Touche LLP

Jan Esteraich
Post Doctoral Researcher,
Department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies, UNL

Mary Balluff
Community Consultant