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Taking place from June 5-13 this year, Elevate will be completely online to give attendees the flexibility to access sessions as safely and conveniently as possible.
Tune in to five 1-hour sessions from industry experts discussing topics like how to tackle insurance challenges, accessing financial resources, and how an app can make a difference in your child care business.

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A Business Summit for Child Care Providers

Elevate provides child care centers and family child care providers across the state of Nebraska with access to the resources they need to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality care to the young children and families they serve. During the all-day event, providers hear from industry experts, explore new innovations in child care, and share ideas with colleagues and peers. The summit features renowned keynote speakers, industry experts, and professionals from across the state.  Breakout sessions cover a variety of business topics that change year-to-year, including human resources, financial management, marketing, business operations, and leadership development.

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Promoting Best Practices

Early care and education can be a tricky business, making strong business practices essential to both child care quality and sustainability. Elevate provides child care centers and family child care providers with the opportunity to train, support, and sustain their businesses. As a result, children and families have access to high-quality early care and education, providing them the foundation they need to succeed in school and in life.

The Economics of Early Childhood

Child care is a major economic driver in communities big and small across the state of Nebraska. Strengthening the business practices of child care providers is an important part of expanding access to high-quality early care and education opportunities in the state. Quality early care and education for young children strengthens our current and future workforce and generates economic opportunities for child care business owners and communities across the state.

Elevate is designed specifically to meet the needs of child care centers and family child care homes. Early child care providers are faced with the difficult task of providing high-quality care which is expensive, and the full cost of which most parents can’t bear. In turn, providers are left with limited resources to devote to improving quality or expanding access to early care and education opportunities. With the knowledge and experience gained at Elevate, providers can return to their businesses with the tools they need to help their business thrive and to help the children and families they serve succeed.

Access for Every Provider

Elevate scholarships provide financial assistance to those traveling to attend the summit. While funds are limited, we will accept applications from all registered attendees.

Award Amount:

Awards will vary in amount and are meant to help cover travel and lodging expenses.


All attendees are encouraged to apply, as there is no minimum mileage requirement for the scholarship. Submission of a scholarship application is required to be considered for an award.

The Positive Impact Across Our State

The Impact for Children & Families:

More children in Nebraska spend the day in safe, healthy settings with access to consistent, caring relationships and high-quality learning opportunities, which lays the foundation for success in school and in life.

The Impact for Providers:

Earnings increase, providers gain pride and professionalism, and they are able to serve more children, and serve them better.