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The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative provides a variety of business resources through membership to our sister site, the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange, or Nebraska Exchange for short. Through the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange, we offer child care providers back office support, access to discounted educational materials, and online training resources. Our Nebraska Exchange site is ever-evolving and we are continuing to explore new ideas so that we can offer our members the high-quality services so that they can provide the high-quality care every child deserves. Take your first step toward saving by taking a look at our Cost Savings Calculator, which shows you just how much your organization could save every year by utilizing the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange.


Take a look at the Nebraska Exchange to see more!

Services Provided on the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange:

  • Classroom Resources – Explore learning activities and curriculum ideas
  • Cost-Saving Programs – Purchase discounts on classroom materials, office supplies, and food services at 20-50% off the list price
  • Marketing Resources – Create customized, professional marketing materials that are specific to your organization

  • Administrative Support – Access to human resources forms and information, fiscal services, as well as policy and procedure templates
  • Message Boards – Network and connect with like-minded professionals and experts

Membership to the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange is available to all child care provider in the state including in-home care centers, preschools, and large child care centers. Scholarships for access to Nebraska Exchange services are available to qualifying providers; Our marketing team can help you learn more about scholarships. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about a membership to the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange. Contact our Marketing Team at 531-301-3021 or directly at to get started. In-person meetings and training available upon request.