CDA Spotlight – Jaimie Tietsort

March 19, 2019

Jaimie Tietsort, a member of our 2019 Spring CDA Credential course is under the CDA Spotlight this week! Jaimie has worked at the Omaha Early Learning Center at Skinner for three years now. After having her first son in 2013, she fell in love with being a mom and this inspired her to become an early childhood teacher.

NECC’s CDA Credential course is serving as a huge stepping stone for Jaimie as she works toward obtaining her associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education, followed by a bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language. She came into the course with a sense of excitement that did not go unnoticed. When asked what she is most excited about regarding the course, she responded with:

“I am excited to learn new things! To obtain a better understanding of my work and the smaller, fine details that go into making our job more successful – therefore making the children more successful.”

One thing Jaimie would change about child care is she would make it more affordable. As a mother of two boys, she understands first hand how difficult and expensive it is to obtain high-quality child care. She believes it should not only be available to all people, but should also hold the same level of excellence and care as others.

One of Jaimie’s most memorable experiences from her time in early childhood education is that children she has previously cared for will still stop by the building to say hi to her. Seeing the kids show just as much excitement as they did 2-3 years prior while in her classroom is what makes it all worth it for her.

Jaimie’s Take Home Advice:

“Child care is exciting! You see new milestones and developments happen every day! It is very rewarding, but can also be frustrating and hard. It takes a lot of patience. Especially as a mother, caring for children at home and at work is a lot, and it takes a lot out of your tank. However, the children depend on you… So keep your head up and keep pushing. Little eyes are always watching!”