NECC’s CDA Spotlight – Roxie Broman

October 10, 2018

My CDA Story – Roxie Broman

As week three of our CDA course comes to a close, we get to highlight a side “professional development” in child care that can sometimes be overlooked: parenting. Roxie Broman was first introduced to child care through her children, and now again through her grandchildren!

Putting yourself out there and being willing to take a course on child care, parenting, or anything else is a tremendous challenge. Roxie says that it is worth the challenge, because she gets to learn more about children and how to continue helping them learn and grow. Many industries today are continuously innovating, making new discoveries, and constantly advancing; early care and education is no different. A willingness to learn and grow as our youngest generation does plays an integral role in the early experience the children receive.

Outside of the early childhood industry, few and far between understand the depth and breadth of knowledge and training required for a teacher and how much beyond that is recommended or required for organizations of the highest quality. If she could bring awareness to one thing about child care, Roxie would like folks to be aware of, “how much training a teacher should have;” a two-headed statement. The state requires teachers to have a variety of certifications and training at a multitude of levels in the field. In addition, it is invaluable for parents to be aware of key indicators that make for a high-quality center, family child care home, or other care-givers and educators.

One thing that keeps Roxie coming back is, “(my) grandson’s laughter and smile when learning something new,” and that alone is enough to keep her willingness to learn and improve her teaching skills. Teaching young children is extremely difficult at times, but she sees the rewards every day as her grandson continues to grow. NECC is so delighted to have Roxie in our Fall CDA course and cannot thank her enough for her willingness to jump in and learn.