NECC’s CDA Spotlight – Paula Griffin

October 3, 2018

CDA Credential Course Highlight

As we progress through our CDA Credential course, we are excited to highlight some of the amazing individuals in the community that are doing incredible things for our youngest generation. In Week One we highlighted our entire group, representing our partners at Educare Omaha and the Omaha Early Learning Centers as well as the members of the class from the Omaha community. This week, and in the following weeks, we are going to highlight some of the individuals from the course that we think have a story worth sharing. Without further adieu, we’d like to introduce Paula Griffin and give her the opportunity to introduce herself to the child care community.

Paula first got involved in early education through her time as a Child Development Center/Family Day Care Nutrition Training Technician with the US Air Force at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue. As she now navigates her way through a career transition to more of an early childhood education-focused path, she is excited to gain the foundational knowledge that she needs to jump into her new career and feels the CDA Credential is just what she needed!

Paula has served children in a variety of capacities both in and out of the Omaha area. One of her fondest memories is of her time at RAF Mildenhall in England when parents of the children she worked with wrote her personal thank you notes for her work.

Aside from the rewarding nature of the early childhood field, Paula loves how exciting every day can be. The lifelong impact that early care and education has on a child’s life makes her work, “one of the most important jobs that I’ve ever had.” She says that, “being able to shape, coach, and guide young children through their first years of life, when social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development occurs,” are the pieces of her work that show just how important the work is.

One thing that Paula would love to see change in child care is what she feels are a, “lack of partnerships within the community,” that can strengthen the community and help with the coordination of the available resources. With the community working better together, she believes that families are more likely to flourish and children are given more opportunities to thrive.

About Me by Paula Griffin

I am a professional, friendly, engaging and promising Early Childhood Educator; seeking career advancement, diverse client interactions, and opportunities for curriculum development. I have 15+ years of advocating for children and families, in both the military and civilian sectors. I have decided to make a career change, due to my passion for education and progression; with children, families, and the communities in which they live. I strongly believe that the early education of children, their families and their communities is vital to each child’s success. In my career transition, I feel that it is necessary to have a solid foundation to build upon academically and obtaining my CDA Credential would do just that.