Our Organization / Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative harnesses the potential of providers to deliver high-quality early learning opportunities through access to business resources, innovative partnerships, and educational support.

Our Vision

More Children. Prepared for School. Prepared for Life.

Our Values

  • Community Focused
  • Partnership-Based
  • People-Centric
  • Innovative

  • Cost Effective and Efficient
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • High Performance

What Our Values Mean to Clients,
Partners, Funders, and Employees

The child care industry has an ongoing struggle with workforce recruitment, retention, and compensation, and this struggle can often result in a lower-quality of care. It is our goal to help each and every member of the community overcome these hardships. We commit to partnering with programs that help young children grow up safe, healthy, and eager to learn.

More early care and education providers build and sustain financially strong organizations that are mission driven and offer high-quality early learning services. Early care and education providers are committed to creating an engaged and thriving workforce with opportunities for professional development and competitive compensation. More children and families are prepared for success in school and life. More qualified early childhood professionals are available to serve young children and families in the communities of greatest need. Community-based agencies deliver coordinated services to young families that are aligned with agency strengths. Fewer at-risk families require services within the child welfare system.

Moving forward, we will pursue our mission through three primary strategic directions where we will improve business practices, utilize high-quality hiring and on-boarding, promote best practices, provide professional development, leverage our infrastructure to facilitate high-quality service delivery, and incubate pioneering tools. Child care is a major economic driver in communities big and small across the state of Nebraska. Strengthening the business practices of child care providers is an important part of expanding access to high-quality early care and education opportunities in Nebraska. Quality early care and education for young children strengthens our current and future workforce and generates economic opportunities for child care business owners and incubates community growth across the state.

The Importance of Our Work

Early child care providers are faced with the difficult task of providing high-quality care which is expensive, and the full cost of which most parents can’t bear. In turn, providers are left with limited resources to devote to improving quality or expanding access to early care and education opportunities. The Collaborative provides child care centers and family child care homes across the state with access to the resources they need to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness, allowing them to focus on the quality of the program and services they deliver.