NECC teacher helping boy with artwork

NECC uses a shared services model to maximize efficiency, strengthen business practices, and ultimately, raise the quality of early childhood education programs.

Shared services is a collaborative business model that reduces costs and allows organizations to focus on their stakeholders. It is a well-known fact that the cost of doing business for childcare providers makes it very difficult to provide high-quality services while maintaining back office integrity.

At NECC, we believe shared services is the right business strategy for Nebraska’s children because:

  • It’s a tough business. Finding qualified staff who provide high-quality care for industry wages is a difficult task for a team of seasoned human resources professionals. An in-house HR team is a luxury few providers can afford. The services we provide for childcare centers – such as human resources, accounting, marketing and overall administration – allows professionals the necessary time to focus on the education and care of children.
  • Quality is the key. Decades of research supports the fact that access to high-quality learning opportunities matters in the lives of young children. Education is the key to preparing them for success during their formative years, and that starts at day one and continues to age three. Quality childcare allows parents to work with the assurance that their children are learning the skills they will need to be successful once they enter school as well as for a healthy and successful future.
  • Shared services contribute to better quality. Shared services for early learning providers are part of the solution for providing cost-effective, quality care and education. NECC employs experts in the fields of human resources, financial services, marketing, family services, and many other vital roles. These professionals share their skills and services with our clients to allow them to focus on the work that matters most: early childhood development, education, and care.