Strengthening Business Practices – Supporting Quality Childcare

June 22, 2017

When the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) was created in 2014, it was, in part, a recognition that the business of providing child care impacts the quality of the child care provided.

Parents and other community stakeholders increasingly recognize the importance of the early years and can point to the elements of high-quality early care and education programs – things like low staff-to-child ratios, professional development, and low staff turnover. But there is far less recognition of the role that the child care provider’s business practices play in allowing them to achieve high-quality programming.

At NECC, we believe that strong business practices provide the necessary foundation for building sustainable, high-quality early care and education.

With that in mind, we are supporting our member centers in delivering high-quality program services by working side-by-side with them to strengthen their business practices. The range of services we provide depends on the unique needs of the member but may include comprehensive human resources, fiscal services, and training and technical assistance related to quality improvement.

We help our members do everything from recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce, to administering their benefits and payroll, to budgeting and helping them to better understand their financial position. And, of course, we help our members navigate complying with the rules and regulations that can make providing high-quality child care a challenging business to successfully operate.

While NECC launched with a few members, we are poised to write our next chapter. We look forward to visiting with the many different types of providers serving the children and families of Nebraska over the next year.

We recognize our success will be measured, in part, by a growing recognition that strengthening the business of child care is a necessary part of increasing the quality and availability of child care in Nebraska and across the nation.

Shannon Cotsoradis
Chief Executive Officer
Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative