Business Training Series

NECC’s 10-week Business Training Series supports and uplifts strong, sustainable family child care businesses.

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See Your Business Succeed

Your passion is educating and caring for Nebraska’s children, and ours is seeing your business succeed. NECC’s 10-week Business Training Series takes place every Spring, Summer, and Fall and will prepare you for:

Building Contracts

Make sure your contract supports your relationship with customers and ensures the safety and financial wellbeing of your business.

Understanding and Enforcing Nebraska Policies and Codes

Your relationship with your clients is a partnership; make sure they have everything they need to know and expectations are clear.

Marketing Tools and Tips

Celebrate what makes your business unique and help communicate that to potential customers.

Risk Management

Managing risk means being prepared for emergencies and taking the proper precautions to keep children and your business safe.

Taxes and Record Keeping

Make life easy by being ready for anything tax season might throw your way.


Accounting Practices

Understand your primary streams of income and expenses so you can paint a clear picture of your budget.

Time-Space Percentage

Maximize your income by decreasing your tax liability and making the time-space percentage a breeze.

Financial Management

Keep your business running smoothly and create a savings plan for long-term success.

Network of Support

Create lasting, supportive bonds with your colleagues in family child care.

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Spring classes begin the week of February 12!

  • 10 weekly classes
  • Classes are offered virtually via Zoom, and take place from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Graduates will receive $450 upon completion and 30 hours of license-approved training


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  • 10 clases semanales
  • Los graduados recibirán $450 al terminar y 30 horas de entrenamiento aprobado por la licencia

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