About Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

We give parents and child care providers the guidance and resources they need to give children the education they deserve.

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More Children. Prepared for School. Prepared for Life.

Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative was established in 2014 to serve the parents and educators of the Nebraska. Through a strategic initiative of the Buffet Early Childhood Fund and in collaboration with Omaha Early Learning Centers, NECC is providing opportunities for strong, healthy relationships between parents and providers, ensuring consistent care and quality education.

Our aim is to build education, trust, and communication between educators, parents, and investors to provide a successful early education for Nebraska’s children. By providing accessible training and support to educators, we are able to reinforce their efforts to align a seamless and successful system of education, family engagement, account maintenance, and management of staff and human resources. We accomplish this through engaging professional development coaching, communication and business courses, and comprehensive health services.

Mission First

We care for our team so our team can put educators, parents, and children first. Those we work with and those we serve matter most.

Raise The Bar

We bravely challenge the status quo, innovate, and take calculated risks to meet the needs of those we serve. Our comfort zone is change. We are a perpetual work in progress.

Bring it

A positive attitude. An open mind. A willingness to approach diverse perspectives with curiosity. And a little levity, too.

Own It

Own your role and your decisions. Seek feedback and ask for help when you need it. Accept that failure is part of growth. Execute fearlessly.

Pull Up A Chair

Collaboration is essential to our success. When we make decisions, we invite stakeholders to the table. Educators and parents always have a seat.

Impact Report

2020 Impact Report

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Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative Team

Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative is more than a concept, it’s a community, and we couldn’t make any of it work without the passionate professionals bringing our visions and missions to life.