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At NECC, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. It’s an integral part of our identity and drives our mission to support Nebraska’s child care providers. Our goal is to empower these providers by offering resources, training, and support to help them thrive. Effective communication and collaboration with providers are crucial to achieving this goal. 

Recognizing the importance of this collaborative effort, we established the Family Child Care Network Advisory Council. Every year, we invite Nebraska’s family child care providers to engage with us through this council. The insights and feedback we receive from our Advisory Council are priceless. Members share their experiences, offer advice, and help shape the future of NECC’s initiatives. 

Ongoing Leadership Development and Opportunities 

Developing early childhood leaders is a stepping stone toward increasing the supply of child care providers in Nebraska. The Advisory Council serves as a platform for leadership growth and other professional development opportunities among members. Advisory Council members are highly motivated providers who are diverse in skill and who provide mentorship to other early childhood professionals. 

An essential aspect of our Advisory Council members’ roles is their ability to share crucial resources with the broader provider community. They distribute information about grant opportunities, legislative updates, and other important resources, ensuring that all providers are well-informed and equipped to succeed. 

This year, we are thrilled to welcome six new members to our Advisory Council, bringing the total to 21 dedicated providers. We look forward to the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas they will bring, furthering our collaborative efforts. 

Together, through the power of collaboration, we continue to build a stronger, more supportive environment for Nebraska’s child care providers. 

Advisory Council Members, Residencies, and Contact

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