Governor Jim Pillen Proclaims May 10 as Provider Appreciation Day

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Governor Jim Pillen Proclaims May 10 as Provider Appreciation Day

On May 1, 2024, Shannon Hampson and Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative staff joined at the Nebraska State Capitol to receive Governor Jim Pillen’s Proclamation of Provider Appreciation Day, recognizing the state’s child care workforce efforts.

With a stroke of his pen, Governor Pillen proclaimed May 10, 2024, as Child Care Provider Appreciation Day in Nebraska. This Proclamation stands as a testament to the state’s acknowledgment and gratitude for the crucial contributions of child care professionals. 

“Nebraska residents are encouraged to recognize family child care providers throughout the state for their dedication to providing quality care and early learning services for the important role they play in our children’s future,” Governor Pillen said. 

Accompanied by the children under her care, Shannon Hampson made a memorable visit to the Capitol, seizing the opportunity to offer a glimpse into the daily lives of child care providers as she simultaneously managed her classroom while addressing Governor Pillen.  

“Our community is normally in the background and silent, but every day, we open our doors and provide a service of necessity in cities and towns throughout our state,” Hampson said. “I am honored to accept your Proclamation on behalf of all child care providers and to know that you are standing beside us in this investment.

In a touching exchange, Governor Pillen emphasized the critical importance of early childhood development, noting the profound impact that the formative years, from 0 to 3, have on our future. Governor Pillen expressed his heartfelt appreciation for child care providers, acknowledging the heroes who form the backbone of communities statewide.  

“You guys make an impact for the future of our state,” Governor Pillen said. 

In closing, Governor Pillen extended his congratulations and gratitude, emphasizing the sentiment shared by many across Nebraska.  

“Congratulations, and thank you for all that you guys do,” Governor Pillen said.