Developing Parent Leaders Across Nebraska

Based on a successful model in five other states, Parent Ambassadors equips parent and child care providers with the tools to leverage their stories into action that creates lasting change at the local, state, and federal levels.

Parent Leader Outcomes

Evaluation Survey Results 2021 – 2022

As part of evaluating program impact, the inaugural class of Parent Ambassadors were surveyed at the beginning and end of their program year. In addition to changes in civic attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors, the majority of parents reported that, as a direct result of Parent Ambassadors, they had thought about or taken steps to make changes in their personal lives.

“If anyone is in doubt or seeking ways to speak up, or advocate, this is the place to be with Parent Ambassadors.”

– Robin Wilkins, 2022 Parent Ambassador –

About the Parent Ambassador Class of 2022



Demographics Charts

Parent Ambassadors showed double-digit growth in civic action from pre- to post-program participation

Civic Action Growth Chart


Parents showed substantial growth in knowledge of elected officials and voting attitudes and behaviors


Contacted an elected official


Believe it is important to vote in all elections


Plan to stay connected with the program

Outside of organized program activities, Parent Ambassadors strived to meet their goals in a number of inspiring ways:


  • Attended the first National Parent Ambassador Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Met with Children’s Hospital Board to discuss the change of screening policy for parental mental health

  • Spoke on panels for early childhood education conferences

  • Sat on the Parent Policy Council for Early Head Start in rural communities

  • Testified for LB838 and LB702

  • Held voter registration parties

  • Worked with a local nonprofit to expand resources for Hispanic families

  • Met with their Senator to share concerns, ideas, and offer solutions

  • Joined the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Program

Group photo of Parent Ambassadors at the capitol

“I have made connections to leaders in my field that have helped to find a true passion for early childhood care and rural communities and given me a platform to learn and share my passion.” 

2022 Parent Ambassador