NECC Launches Parent Ambassador Program

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The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative has launched the Parent Ambassador Program, a year-long leadership and advocacy program for parents of early learners in Nebraska. The program’s goal is to develop parent leaders and support them in advocating for their children, themselves, and their communities.

About the Program

Parent and provider voices are critical to making impactful change in early childhood education policy. Twenty applicants representing a diverse demographic of Nebraskans will be selected for the program, which will launch in January 2022.

During the year-long program, Parent Ambassadors will receive mentorship and support while learning how to engage in local, state, and federal policy discussions. Parent Ambassadors will participate in bi-weekly program activities that help them develop leadership and public speaking skills, advocacy training, tactics to improve family and community relationships, and much more.

“Important policy discussions that impact families with young children are happening every day in Nebraska and across the country,” said Shannon Cotsoradis, CEO of NECC. “Too often decisions get made without inviting parents to pull up a chair, share their story, and be part of the conversation. We hope Parent Ambassadors will begin to change that.”

Several states have developed similar ambassador programs to train parents on the legislative process, how to contact lawmakers, grassroots organizing, and more. This program is the first of its kind to launch in Nebraska and has received substantial support from local and national partners of NECC.

“Parent Ambassadors seeks to provide an opportunity for parents and providers to find their voice and be a part of positive change,” said Ilissa Fern, Parent Ambassador Program Manager. “The Parent Ambassador Program will collaborate with community partners across the state to ensure diversity and representation so that Nebraska communities can be engaged and impacted.”

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