CDA Spotlight – Eira Cortes


CDA course member Eira Cortes is under the spotlight this week!

Eira is passionate about working in the early child care industry, and is currently living her dream of teaching young children at the Omaha Early Learning Centers at Gateway. She decided to join NECC’s CDA credential course to expand her knowledge of the industry and to become a better teacher for the children in her care. She is anxious to learn new things and to see what new knowledge she can bring to the classroom.

Eira’s Favorite Child Care Experience

“It is such a great feeling when I arrive at work in the morning and all of the children are excited to see me. When they run up to give me a hug each day, its priceless!”

Eira feels a large amount of responsibility working as a teacher. Each day she strives to be the best role model possible for the children in her care. She explains how every day is filled with learning, no matter how small. She wishes all people in the community knew just how important the first years of a child’s life are. These first few years are vital to helping build a foundation for the rest of a child’s life, and Eira is proud to play such a large role in building this foundation.

When asked about other opportunities she would like to see offered to our community, Eira discussed wanting to see more classes revolving around children with special needs. She feels this would not only be beneficial for parents, but also provide our community with a better understanding of the different challenges that children with disabilities face on a day to day basis. Providing such an opportunity would allow us to become a stronger and more inclusive community.

About Me By Eira

“I am a very fun and easy-going person. I like to be respected in the same way that I show respect to those around me. At first, I can be shy at times but once I open up, my funny and outgoing personality shines through. I am a very patient and responsible person, and it is important to me to get things done when I say I will. I believe it is important to educate yourself as much as possible to help our children, because our children now are our future.”