CDA Spotlight – Sheryl Hazuka


This week’s CDA Spotlight is on Sheryl Hazuka! She has been a dedicated child care provider since opening her own daycare in 1988, and has since gone on to further her education in the early childhood field. She did some research on NECC’s CDA Credential course and thought it would be both beneficial and challenging for her, and she was ready for the challenge!

Sheryl is eager to network with other child care providers in the community and share teaching strategies. Watching the children in her care grow and develop in areas such as problem-solving, listening skills, social skills, and motor skills is extremely important to her, as these are the skills that impact all children as they grow.

One thing Sheryl wishes other people in our community knew about early child care is just how beneficial it is. Children with a good child care provider who is willing to teach them numbers, colors, direction, reading, math, etc. are already ahead of the game. Providing children with a head start to education will help them succeed in life as they get older.

Sheryl’s Favorite Child Care Memory

“When each child leaves my home, they always say goodbye and I love you Miss Sheryl. This proves to me that I have earned their respect and love, and that makes it all worthwhile.”

About Me By Sheryl Hazuka

“The most important thing about working in a child care atmosphere is loving the children, because they are worth it. I love to guide the children in making appropriate decisions, encouraging them to believe in themselves. and showing them how to care about others as well as themselves. However, the most important thing about me is that I love working in the childcare industry because it gives me the opportunity to guide and teach our future.”