Early Education / Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership

The growth and development of Nebraska’s babies in a positive environment is the top priority of Early Head Start programs, as is serving their families. The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative is proud to be an Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership grantee. Each year, NECC’s Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership serves children and their families through our partnership with the Omaha Early Learning Centers (OELC).

Early Head Start services are delivered through a partnership between the Collaborative, our child care partner, and community-based social service providers. NECC-supported sites boast single-age classrooms, comprehensive family engagement programs, highly-qualified staff, and on-site healthcare professionals. Here at the Collaborative, we strive to continue providing high-quality comprehensive Early Head Start services to children ages birth through three years old and their families in the Greater Omaha Area.

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Omaha Early Learning Centers

The Omaha Early Learning Centers are committed to helping young children ages birth to three develop foundational skills that will lead them to succeed as future students, and help their parents become self-sufficient. By partnering with parents and a consortium of community partners, we create, provide and promote the highest quality outcome-based learning environments for parents and their children who are at risk.

Each Center provides families with full-day, full-year care from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM daily. Currently, there are two Omaha Early Learning Centers: The Omaha Early Learning Center at Gateway, and the Omaha Early Learning Center at Skinner.

The Goal

The goal of the Omaha Early Learning Centers is to provide all students with a strong start in their earliest years. A multitude of resources are available to ensure this goal is reached, including: Family Engagement Specialists for all families, Coaches supporting every teacher, monthly classroom-parent meetings, provided meals in accordance with the CACFP nutritional guidelines, and school readiness goals complimenting social, emotional, and cognitive development. Together with EHS – CCP, the Omaha Early Learning Centers are working to achieve this goal of school readiness and life preparedness for Nebraska’s babies.

2020-2021 Policy Council

Parent Representatives

Tiffany Awortwi
Skinner – Chairsperson

Steven Abraham
Skinner – Vice-Chair

Brandon Mattan

Gabriela Rodriguez
Gateway – Secretary

Michaela Martinez-Bates

Coral Nieves

Shania Phillips

Shelbi Whitcomb

Deborah Williams-Poe

Community Representatives

Darniece Amos

Julie Kalkowski
Creighton Financial Hope Collaborative

Kimberly Barnes
Omaha Healthy Start Community