NECC’s Guide for Child Care Entrepreneurs

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NECC offers a variety of valuable tools tailored to empower business owners on their journey toward professional growth. Whether you’re beginning your career or have been in the industry for years, NECC has pathways tailored to your success! Explore our resources below to discover how we can support your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Just Starting Your Career?

Toolkit Program  

NECC’s Licensing Toolkit offers materials, guidance, and assistance to help unlicensed and potential providers meet state licensing prerequisites, adhere to health and safety benchmarks, and integrate into a professional network. We’re dedicated to supporting you throughout your licensure journey and ensuring access to essential tools for delivering top-notch providers remains readily available.

Child Care Network

The Child Care Network aims to address challenges in the child care industry, including outdated practices, low wages, isolation, and educator attrition. With a current outreach to over 1400 child care providers in Nebraska, the network focuses on supporting more educators by enhancing their business practices and improving interactions with children. Join the network today and get access to discounted educational materials, free training opportunities, marketing resources, and more!

Roadmap To Quality Care

Creating a successful child care business now comes with a comprehensive guide! You shouldn’t require a business degree to fulfill your dream of providing exceptional care and education to children. That’s why our partners have developed a detailed, step-by-step manual to establish a successful and secure business that caters to your needs as much as you cater to the children in your care!

Give Your Business a Boost


Elevate is an exclusive business summit specifically for child care providers. This unique gathering unites industry professionals for a comprehensive day devoted to networking and immersive learning experiences. Mark your calendars and reserve the date for Elevate24—an unparalleled opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn valuable insights from professionals within the early childhood education field.

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA)  

NECC’s Coaching to Completion model offers a pathway to broaden your career opportunities in early childhood education by preparing you for the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Completing the Coaching to Completion model will expand your employment opportunities, accrue in-service credit hours, and refine your skill set. Obtaining your CDA allows you to pursue professional opportunities that you never would have imagined!

I wanted to feel confident that I was using best practices in my program, and training my staff to do the same. From start to finish the process was so smooth! I was able to take classes at night, and work during the day. Going through NECC gave me the confidence to know that I was prepared for the exam, and had my portfolio ready!

Beckie Christiansen

NECC Learning Library

Explore a wealth of free training and educational opportunities in our online learning library, designed to enhance your expertise in child care. Whether you are looking to complete your CPR Certification, become a professional in codes and regulations, or seek comprehensive curriculum resources, our diverse range of courses caters to your needs and everything in between. Our platform is a convenient, one-stop destination for those seeking to effortlessly fulfill your required in-service training hours.

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Elevated Network Provider  

NECC’s Elevated Network Providers receive essential tools and support, saving time, enhancing educational quality, streamlining business operations, and ultimately, increasing profit. As part of NECC’s specialized group, Elevated Network Providers access exclusive funding, the Nebraska Exchange, individual business mentoring, and a complimentary subscription to their preferred child care management platform. This network caters specifically to family child care educators, addressing their business and professional development needs.    

Business Training Series

We share your dedication to educating and caring for Nebraska’s children, and our commitment lies in watching your business succeed. Our 10-week Business Training Series occurs each Spring, Summer, and Fall and will teach you how to have a thriving child care business.  

Thanks to NECC offering classes that made me feel more professional, I was confident in myself to keep furthering my education. I am looking to graduate in May of 2024 with my bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and Family Advocacy, and to think it all started with a business class. Thank you NECC!

Angela Blaesi

Resource Center

Are you a child care provider in the Omaha Metro area looking for a place to hold your next meeting, or a family with young children who need access to technology? NECC’s Resource Center has you covered!