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When it opens in the Winter of 2019/2020, the Omaha Early Learning Center (OELC) at Kennedy will be the third OELC location. Developed in partnership with 75 North and Omaha Public Schools as part of making the “cradle to career” vision for the 75 North community a reality. The building will have two floors, both dedicated to high-quality early learning and education. The first floor will be home to the Omaha Early Learning Center at Kennedy and the Omaha Public Schools’ preschool classrooms. The second floor will house the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) new headquarters. NECC is an organization that provides business resources, training, and technical assistance to child care providers. The second floor will also include a dedicated business resource center that will give child care providers access to low and no-cost services and a state-of-the-art training center. The training center will offer professional development opportunities for community-based child care providers in Omaha and across the state, as well as for Omaha Public Schools and other community-based agencies.

NECC provides coaching, training, and professional development opportunities to child care providers across the state. We would love to hear what you need to strengthen your business or the quality of your child care program. Visit our Contact Us page to submit your feedback.
If you are an aspiring child care professional, the NECC will be recruiting on behalf of the OELC at Kennedy. Recruiting for new positions will begin in 2019. To learn more about career opportunities with the OELC at Kennedy, please reach out to NECC through our Careers page.
If you are interested in joining the OELC at Kennedy’s teaching staff and do not currently have a Child Development Associate credential (required for Associate Teachers), NECC is offering a course in the Spring of 2019. To sign up, please visit our CDA Application page.

The Omaha Early Learning Center at Kennedy

The Omaha Early Learning Centers are high-quality early childhood educational centers that operate two schools, located on the campuses of Skinner and Gateway Elementary schools. The OELCs operate year-round, Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. These centers are committed to helping children develop the foundational skills that will help them become successful students. The OELC also works with parents to help them become self-sufficient and strengthen their ability to be their child’s first teacher. To learn more about the OELC at Kennedy, visit our FAQ Sheet.

The Omaha Early Learning Center at Kennedy is now hiring! Click here to apply today!