10 Reasons to Earn Your CDA

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The Child Development Associate (CDA) credential is the most widely known and valued credential in early childhood education. Obtaining this credential opens the door to a world of opportunity for career growth and advancement, as well as the potential to earn more. While the journey to obtaining a CDA can be daunting, the benefits far outweigh the obstacles. Here are 10 reasons to earn your CDA:

1. The CDA credential is widely recognized

As previously mentioned, the CDA credential is one of the most widely recognized and respected achievements in early childhood education.

2. Demonstrates an understanding of developmentally appropriate practice

CDA coursework focuses on new concepts, key theories, and practical skills to ensure you have the right knowledge and sufficient practice to best support the children in your care.

3. Can increase your confidence as a provider

Earning your CDA is a huge accomplishment in your ECE career and will help you stand out in the crowd.

4. Shows a commitment to professionalism

The CDA is not a required credential, so earning this achievement is an indicator to parents, families, and potential career advancement opportunities that you are committed to quality and professionalism.

This course was the most gratifying challenge I have completed during my time as an in-home provider.

Micole Freudenberg, 2021 cda graduate

5. Creates networking opportunities with other providers

Get to know child care professionals in your community who are looking to elevate their businesses.

6. CDA is a stepping stone toward higher education

Considering furthering your education? The CDA credential is a great first step to obtaining a degree or other credential.

7. Counts toward required training hours

Training hours are part of your state requirements, and CDA courses offer ample opportunity to accomplish this.

8. Offers financial advantages for other programs

Child care providers who participate in programs like WAGE$ and Step Up to Quality can receive more earnings for obtaining this credential.

9. Gives parents and families more confidence in your care

Earning your CDA is a great way to show parents and families that you’re an informed provider with a commitment to quality and an enhanced learning environment.

10. Opens the door for career advancement

This credential is just the first step in your journey to elevating ECE!

Start your CDA Pathway to Success at NECC

We are proud to be an awardee of the CDA Gold Standard from the Council for Professional Recognition. Our 10-week course follows our Coaching to Completion model, where participants are able to complete portfolio pieces, earn training hours, and receive other incentives throughout the duration of the course. Courses are offered in the spring, summer, and fall in both English and Spanish and are available virtually. Get on the list for the next available CDA course and start your pathway to success!