Benefits of Child Care Management Software

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According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “Ninety-three percent of today’s small business owners report using at least one type of technology platform to help run their business. Of those, 94% report that technology helps them run their business more efficiently.” Technology platforms are critical to small business growth! Child Care providers can elevate and modernize their business with a Child Care Management System (CCMS).

NECC is excited to partner with and offer child care providers three software options: Wonderschool, Brightwheel, or Playground. These systems support automated billing, enhance the enrollment/registration process, keep records, maintain parent communication, and so much more.

Along with utilizing a CCMS, becoming an Elevated Network Provider with NECC can boost your business practices by offering exclusive funding opportunities, tax preparation, and individual business mentoring.

What is a Child Care Management Software (CCMS)?

A Child Care Management System (CCMS) is a software product specifically designed to help child care providers automate their day-to-day operations so that staff have more time to spend with children. A CCMS makes it easier to manage your waitlist, generate invoices, accept payments online, monitor and manage classroom ratios, manage staff records, including professional development certifications, and quickly and consistently communicate with parents. In addition, a CCMS can give you accurate and timely financial reports that you can use to make sound business decisions.

Why Do I Need A CCMS?

While you may have been in the business for many years without technology, there is great potential to see your business grow with the power of technology. There are many reasons to implement a CCMS, including the following:

Save Time

A CCMS can help automate paper transactions that have historically taken too much of your time. This software automatically creates lists and reminders for important tasks while helping you manage wait lists, employee professional development records, and schedule tours.

Improve Cash Flow and Revenue

A CCMS can help you manage full enrollment, complete fee collection, and determine accurate pricing. Electronic billing is a major benefit of utilizing a CCMS. You can also view reports in real-time to stay on track with your business goals! According to Opportunities Exchange, “Nearly every child care center or home that implements a CCMS finds that their revenues increase as they are more easily able to tap and track every dollar owed, parents have an immediate, convenient way to pay, and systems are in place to proactively manage this task.”

Efficiently Manage Staff

A CCMS simplifies the process of scheduling classrooms, maintaining ratios, and tracking payroll. You can be updated and alerted when training and health requirements need renewal. In addition, you can eliminate paper-based employee time sheets and digitalize staff sign-in/out systems, making payroll nearly effortless.

Improve Family Communication

A CCMS allows families to receive important daily alerts when they electronically check their child in and out. With the advanced electronic billing feature, difficult payment conversations can be avoided! Most CCMS systems include tools that make it easy to send messages to individual families, entire classrooms, or all the families in your program.

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