CDA Spotlight – Ayesha Yasin


We are proud to recognize CDA member Ayesha Yasin this week!

Ayesha jumped straight into early childhood education as her very first job. She is a crafty person who enjoys working on fun projects with children, as well as baking in her free time. The idea of pursuing her CDA credential came about when she and a friend were discussing the possibility of Ayesha owning her own child care center. She is anxious to work her way through the class and build her portfolio.

When asked if she could change one thing about child care in our community, Ayesha mentioned how she would like to see more child care owner and director trainings. She discussed how at times she hears stories about child care centers and family child care homes closing. She feels as if having more training available to the owners and directors could help eliminate this from happening in the future.

For Ayesha, being in the child care industry is both fun and difficult.

“Every day is a brand new day,” she says. “Knowledge starts at a young age, and who knows, a child I teach may become the next top surgeon or lawyer one day.”

NECC is incredibly lucky to Ayesha in our CDA credential course. We are thankful that such driven individuals like Ayesha are pursuing their CDA and following their dreams. As Ayesha aspires to one day open her own child care center, NECC is honored to help her reach this goal!

Ayesha’s Take Home Advice:

“Always look on the positive side of things. The more you stay positive, the more the children will be engaged and happy.”